Will Brandon Sanderson announce a movie / tv show in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves positively if there is an official Sanderson announcement of any planned movie / tv series based off of existing or new IP from him.

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From State of the Sanderson 2023:

Part Six: The Mistborn Film, Hollywood, and Video Games

The Mistborn film has been in development but has run into some hiccups and is on pause for now, but I hope to have more news to share in 2024. But really, there’s not much else to report. Snapshot (the novella) is still being tinkered with at Universal. It might be the only thing under option right now, because I basically put everything else on hold, despite interest, as I decide on a strategy.

Tress would make a pretty great animated feature though, don’t you think?

It isn't clear what "in development" means. It could mean that negotiations have been in development.

@1a3orn, what does it take to qualify as "planned"? What counts as an "official" "announcement"?

@HankyUSA Yeah that doesn't count -- we've known things have been in development / under consideration before, but that there aren't firm contracts / etc. Like a book being optioned doesn't count similarly -- tons of books get optioned and never get made.

Basically Sanderson has to be like "Guys, we're making [Stormlight / Elantris / Mistborn] with some [studio / self-funded / whatever]"

@1a3orn thanks for clarifying. I was just worried because Brandon Sanderson is clearly planning on making a Mistborn film, but what you're looking for seems to be a firm agreement with a studio to make the film and something Brandon Sanderson would call an announcement.

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Does Wheel of Time count?

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@WilliamDAlessandro why are buying yes in a double strike

Mordecai WeynbergsoldṀ641YES

@MordecaiWeynberg Another big shift. What for? Did I miss something?

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