UEFA Euro Cup 2024 Tournament Prop Bets ⚽ LIVE!
Jul 15
Team captain gets red card
Nude pitch invader during match
Germany makes it to the final
Cristiano Ronaldo gets subbed off
Team finishes tournament scoreless
Final match decided by penalty shoot-out
5 or more own-goals scored
Red card is given in the final match
Any match is postponed or cancelled
Team ends Group Stage with a clean sheet
Goalkeeper scores a goal
Team comes back from 3 goal deficit to win game
10 or more total goals scored in a single match
Team gets 5 or more yellow cards in a single match
Team is undefeated for the entire tournament (only wins & draws)
Final features a rematch of a group stage game
Team wins a match without making a single substitution
Youngest player of the tournament scores a goal
Player scores against their club teammate
Player misses 2 or more penalties in the tournament

Euro 2024 Tournament & Final Prop Bets

  • Friday, June 14 - Sunday, July 14, 2024

  • Will try to get questions resolved daily or as soon as I can. Mods can step in 24 hours after market closes if I am not around.

Market Resolution Criteria

  • Group x has highest number of goals in Group Stage

    • If there is a tie, they will resolve YES

  • Any player injured in opening group match & out for rest of tournament

    • All games until their country is eliminated or wins

  • Most answers with goal counts exclude shots made in penalty shoot-outs unless explicitly stated otherwise

  • Most answers are for the tournament as a whole, unless explicitly narrowed down to a specific game day, match, round or stage

  • More question criteria to come if necessary

  • Meant to be a fun market. If you have any question about the interpretation of a question ask before participating in it, no exceptions.

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Goalkeeper scores a goal
bought Ṁ10 Goalkeeper scores a ... YES

@10thOfficial Does Penalty count?

Penalty should count unless it is in a penalty shootout.

Why should a shootout not count? That changes the likelihood of a goalkeeper goal occuring a lot

Shootouts are like tie-breaker. Those penalties are not officially counted in goal records.

@10thOfficial Premier League players vs. All other players?

bought Ṁ450 Answer #cnj5xpqzqi NO

@10thOfficial This can be resolved 'No'

Youngest player of the tournament scores a goal

Lamine Yamal

bought Ṁ50 Youngest player of t... NO

@UniversalFC He brought his homework with him, that's wild.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets subbed off

If he doesn't play at all, how does this resolve?

@UniversalFC Resolves NO, because he did not get subbed off at the 2024 Euro Cup. I would suggest incorporating your bet on whether he will be playing in the tournament or not in your wager if you are betting early.

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