⚽️ FIFA World Cup (Men's) Prop Bets 🎲
A team reaches 7 World Cups (in total) by the year 2100
A team reaches 6 World Cups (in total) by the year 2100
A team wins back-to-back World Cups by the year 2100
Brazil wins a World Cup by the year 2100
Germany wins a World Cup by the year 2100
France wins a World Cup by the year 2100
The FIFA Wold Cup (Men's) dissolves before 2050
Argentina wins back-to-back World Cups
A team from South America wins the World Cup
A team from Europe wins the World Cup
A team scores 10+ goals in any single match

Submit whatever you think might happen related to any FIFA World Cup (Men's) and if it happens it will resolve YES.

End date will be extended as needed so be clear as desired about timing in any of your. Any answer not specifying otherwise should be assumed to refer to upcoming/ongoing World Cup. If unclear, ask in the comments. I reserve the right to reword answers myself to make them clearer. I may N/A submissions for any reason.

Comments are strongly encouraged to help notify me that answers can be resolved and to facilitate speedy resolution. I reserve the right to resolve NO any answer for which sufficient evidence is not provided.

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For faster resolution, mods may resolve answers and/or any trader may tag @dglid in a comment.

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Brazil wins a World Cup by the year 2100

@andyou for all of these, when do they have to win by to resolve YES?

bought αΉ€30 A team scores 10+ go... NO

@dglid Unless specified, I believe the rule is to follow the closing date of the market. Am I wrong to assume so?

@andyou Ah got it. I’ll clarify that my intention with this market is that the end date continues to be pushed out/it never resolves; more used as a holding pen for all the props. I’ll put β€œby 2100” on your answers unless you prefer otherwise. Thanks for clarifying!

@dglid Thanks! I think β€œby 2100” works - people can include other dates (β€œBrazil wins a World Cup by 2050/2060/2070”)

@dglid Great market btw

@andyou Updated. Please review and let me know of any edits? Thanks!

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