Will Israeli soldiers perform ground invasion in south Gaza before 2024?
resolved Dec 5

For now it's seems that IDF ground operation is focused in north Gaza. All citizens are requested to move to the south. If a significant military force (more then 200 soldiers) will enter south Gaza, this question will be resolved as Yes. South Gaza is anything south of Deir al-Balah

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There hasn’t been an exact number of troops given currently invading Southern Gaza, but there is a overall media consensus that a major invasion is happening, including tanks and APCs


Btw: the Polymarket market asking this question has been resolved to yes

@dittopoop I wait for more clear report of more then 200 soldiers, as written in the decription. First tanks are just the beggining.

First tanks in southern Gaza. Most likely to arrive soon with a stable presence in South Gaza.

IDF publishes map, dividing Gaza Strip into evacuation zones, calling residents to follow army's instructions

The IDF published a map that divides the Gaza Strip into numbered areas and called on residents of Gaza to follow instructions according to the numbered area they are in. In the IDF's message to the residents, it was stated that the army makes "great efforts to distinguish between the civilians and the terrorists." "The residents of the Gaza Strip are not our enemy," the message said.

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