Will Russell Brand by the end of 2023?
closes Dec 31

Resolves YES if I find strong evidence that Russell Brand has branded something (with a hot piece of metal) before the end of the year. Otherwise resolves NO.

(Doesn't count any instances of Russell Branding before market creation.)

Inspired by /IsaacKing/will-tom-cruise-by-the-end-of-2023

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Sinclair Chen

Does it count if he creates a brand, as in a company or product name

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@Sinclair I'm leaning no. I think opening up the definition to brand creation could make it hard to judge since "creating a brand" is inherently abstract (if he pivots his podcast style without changing the name is that creating a brand, or is it only changing what the brand "Under the Skin" refers to?), and I think changing the definition could be unfair to NO traders who've bet on the more restricted definition in the description.

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