Will Brad Pit by the end of 2023?
closes Dec 31

Resolves YES if I find strong evidence that Brad Pitt has had a significant role in pitting people or animals against each other in a fight before the end of the year, EDIT: or pitting a fruit, such as an olive, cherry, or avocado. Otherwise resolves NO.

(Doesn't count any instances of Brad Pitting before market creation.)

Inspired by /IsaacKing/will-tom-cruise-by-the-end-of-2023

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Lorxus avatar
Lorxus Mathfox

What if he removes the seed from an avocado or cherry, pitting it?

3 replies
Odoacre avatar
Odoacrepredicts NO

@Lorxus 🫒

Lorxus avatar
Lorxus Mathfox

@Odoacre yes, or an olive @xyz

xyz avatar

@Lorxus Hmm, sure.

xyz avatar

Notably, this would have resolved YES for whatever year Fight Club was filmed.

isocuda avatar

What if he makes a pit stop or pulls into the pits?

1 reply
xyz avatar

@isocuda Those aren't the verb "to pit" - those are expressions with the word "pit" in them.

xyz avatar