Will Javier Milei be elected President of Argentina on 22 October 2023?
resolved Nov 2

The market will be resolved upon the official certification of the election results by the relevant Argentine regulatory authority.

The market resolves as YES if, and only if, Milei is elected in the October election without a runoff.

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MaybeNotDependspredicted NO

can resolve No, thanks

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Leonardopredicted NO

@xenochain please resolve

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Kurt Godelpredicted NO

This bet finished. Why is it still open?

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sariusbought Ṁ500 of NO

WIth 83% in this is a NO - Massa v. Milei in the runoff.

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Andres Tocarunchobought Ṁ100 of YES

I think Milei is going to win the elections and will be the next president for Argentina. The economy in argentina has gone down dramatically in the past 5 years, with the argentinian peso having no value practically. In 2019 for each USD you could get 60 ARS, right now, every USD gets you 350ARS, that is an increment of 480% which only shows how much has the peso devaluated. This devaluation has affected the country masively in terms of unenployment, poverty and economy. Milei wants to use USD as the oficial currency for Argentina, which would help to stop the massive inflation and normalize the economy. Latest polls show that people want to go in that direction and put him as the favourite to win.

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AnonPlzbought Ṁ30 of YES

I should’ve clarified before buying. This question only resolves yes if he receives the plurality of votes and at least 45% without need for a runoff?

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Fernando Irarrázavalpredicted NO

That was my interpretation...

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@AnonPlz Exactly.

The market resolves as YES if, and only if, Milei is elected in the October election without a runoff.

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MPpredicted NO

@AnonPlz If he receives more than 40% of the votes and the runner-up has 30pts of difference to him, he is also elected