Will Tesla shareholders vote to give Musk a $56 billion retroactive pay package in June 13th shareholder vote?
resolved Jun 14

There's lots of reporting on this: https://www.theverge.com/2024/6/3/24170368/elon-musk-tesla-pay-package-shareholder-meeting

And opining: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2024-05-29/everyone-wants-elon-musk-s-attention

I've set the close date to be a week after the vote, but I will close it once one of the major publications reports the result

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The shareholder meeting is over. Votes cannot change anymore. This should resolve. All news sources say yes.

Ok given the complaints when I closed it yesterday, we don't have any new info today (if you see that Tesla has released actual numbers let me know)

With that in mind, I'm extending trading through tomorrow. One of the reports I read this morning said Tesla will release exact numbers in the coming days.

I knew this was a cult, but I underestimated by how much.


Seems to have resolved with 73% voting in favor per CNN https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/13/business/elon-musk-tesla-pay-billions-vote/index.html

Let me know if you have any concerns!

Although I don’t doubt the outcome, Musk’s post is not official (results must come from the board) and voting isn’t even over until the shareholder meeting today.

Yes, this seems like a premature resolution. I even bought some NO at 99%, specifically because shareholders are allowed to change their vote until the beginning of the shareholder meeting. Not impossible to imagine some last second scandal and some large shareholders flipping.

Doesn’t matter much of course, chances of this are very small anyway.

Ugh shoot - mods feel free to unresolve

@SirCryptomind unresolved this so I can bet against this outcome.

Fwiw there are other similar bets linked in comments, but that doesn't help if you want to sell

To be clear, is this about the exact number, or about the original compensation package that was thrown out (regardless of its value at the time)?

@SeekingEternity Good clarification - I intended it to be purely about the result of the vote, but if people have been voting with something else in mind, I'm open to that discussion

There are some similar markets you can arbitrage, if desired (and you think we will resolve identically)



@wrhall Thanks- I laid off a bit of exposure this way, though there's still a 5-10 point gap

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