Will the Crimean Bridge (Kerch Bridge) be successfully attacked once again by 2024?
resolved Jan 2

Famous for having been hit twice (even if the amount of damage was not catastrophic), news reports of the Kerch bridge being attacked are widely shared within Ukraine. On the other hand, Russia may well step up their security of the bridge rendering future attacks harder.

If by the end of the year the BBC does not report on another a successful attack (hit) on the bridge, then this question is said to have failed.

(This is not a re-post of a previous question; I had unintended ambiguity which meant it had to resolve YES, but this one is definitely about it being hit, however light the damage)

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but this one is definitely about it being hit, however light the damage

How will you resolve this one if it turns out the most recent attack actually did hit the bridge (Russia lied about all missiles being shot down)?

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@rpominov oh if they lied about it, then my previous market would have resolved yes anyway. This is meant to be a fresh start

Could you define successful?

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@CromlynGames it's in the description; also see comments

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When was the question posted? The "twice" in the discussion makes me wonder as AFAIK there has been three hits already:
-The bomb on a truck last year
-The naval drone/modified jetski this year
-The missile strike of the last few days

Or do you count the last missile strike as not confirmed as the Russian claimed to have shot them all down?

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@SebastianWorms I had a question before where because Russia intercepted missiles the community took that to mean it was attacked. That's not at all what I meant but given so many had interpreted it that way I now have to stress hit. The bomb on the truck is definitely a hit: the explosive force from the bomb hit the bridge. I mean someone could attack the bridge with a hammer but I am hoping the BBC wouldn't bother reporting that xD

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