Will Taylor Swift be the most streamed artist in 2024?
Dec 31

I don't even listen to her, but I hear she's big!

Is she bit enough to be the biggest though? (I'll say Spotify as it's the easiest way to compile statistics)

If by the end of 2024 she has the most streams of anyone on Spotify, I will resolve YES.

(Just for maximum clarity, this question is for streams in the year 2024; Spotify will at some point release their stats on this, which is what will be used to resolve this question)

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TTPD had 1.76 billion streams in its first week alone, which is 52% higher than the previous record Taylor set with Midnights.

broke up song of travis kelce

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The Weeknd led every month last year but November and December.

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added some other options for the Swift doubters

Monthly streams or streams in 2024 or total streams?

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@june I would assume streams, but good question

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@wilkess I think I misunderstood this question, I thought it was about her staying most streamed from 2023-2024.

[meaning most streamed in the year 2024]

It's a great question either way! Please clarify

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@Gen ahh I never read it that way but to be fair I think it's the sort of thing if read quickly might confuse, so I'm going to be extra clear -- ty!

(streams in 2024; so I guess that means 2024-2025, if anything (from Jan 1 24 - Dec 31 24))

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@wilkess That is actually how I interpreted it, but I realise in asking for clarification I fell into the same trap lol. So it's "most streamed during 2024", not "achieve most streams all-time, in 2024"

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no way

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I'm a big swiftie. She will definitely top the charts #ERAStour.

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@InnesMackay her gigs leave you quaking in your boots

(No literally, there is measurable seismic activity!)