Will /r/NattyorJuice think Shohei Ohtani is taking steroids
resolved Jan 27

Resolution mechanism: I will make a reddit post on /r/NattyorJuice on Shohei Ohtani, if the most upvoted comment says he is taking steroids this will resolve YES if the most upvoted comment say he isn't this will resolve no.

An example comment that will resolve yes is "Physique achivable natty but he be juicing"

An example of a no is "he be strong but MLB testing to tight"

For the purposes of this, EPO, HGH and TRT all count as "steroids" it's just that more people think of steroid as teh generic term for PEDs

Close date updated to 2023-01-26 3:59 pm

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Rougeebought Ṁ80 of YES

Closer than I thought it would be

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Rougeepredicted YES

@RogerYang Reddit seems to do some sort of vote fuzzing, anyone know how to get a more accurate number?

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ussgordoncaptainbought Ṁ10 of YES

@RogerYang Sorting by top grants the actual top, but it fails to get an accurate vote count

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Manifold in the wild: Well Tested Or Drowning In Test Shohei Ohtani

You think we don't know that you are trying to test r/nattyorjuice's accuracy from some strange betting website so you can make easy play money? - https://manifold.markets/ussgordoncaptain/will-rnattyorjuice-think-shohei-oht You should have at least tried to bribe me first, like most fake natties.

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Rougeepredicted YES

Updated close date? Will that also be the resolution date then

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ussgordoncaptainpredicted YES

@RogerYang yeah, I forgot to make the reddit post yesterday

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What photo will you use?

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@ussgordoncaptain I think this strongly affects the resolution

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ussgordoncaptainpredicted YES

@Yoav God I can't find shirtless picks of him if you find one from 2022 I'll use that