Will their be a "Dune Cinematic Universe" confirmed by 2/21/2028
resolved Feb 22

We currently have 2 Modern Dune movies, with talks of a "Dune Messiah" third movie in the work.

This question will resolve YES if this movie universe is extended with announcements from Legendary Entertainment, Warner, or any other company that holds some form of claim over the 2021-2024 dune movies(such as via acquisitions), of original dune stories that do not follow the direct plot of Frank Herberts work, such as TV shows or spin off movies, that extend the cannon established in the movies.

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I assume if the "Sisterhood" TV show is released, that would resolve this YES? (Since AFAIK it isn't based directly on the direct plot of Frank Herberts work?) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune:_Prophecy

@Ziddletwix i have no clue what this is have not heard of it, it sounds like a yes though

@Ziddletwix I'm going to just N/A this because with context the question makes no sense or was like resolved before posting, sorry