What will inflation in Argentina be for the feb official numbers?
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In January 2024, Argentina kicked off the year with a staggering monthly inflation rate of 20.6%. This was a notable decrease from December 2023, which saw the highest rate in over three decades, but still reflects the significant economic challenges the country faces, particularly following President Javier Milei's decision to devalue the peso by 54% in December 2023. The annual inflation rate reached an eye-watering 254.4%, with "other goods and services" category experiencing the largest monthly increase at 44.4%. This category includes a wide range of items such as personal care, social protection, insurance, and financial services. Transport and communication also saw significant price increases, driven by hikes in public transportation, fuel, telephone, and internet services [oai_citation:1,Argentina starts 2024 with a 20.6% monthly inflation rate - Buenos Aires Herald](https://buenosairesherald.com/economics/argentina-starts-2024-with-a-20-6-monthly-inflation-rate).

Moreover, the annual inflation for January was recorded at 254.2%, marking the highest level since records began. This is a significant jump from December's 211.4%, indicating a rapidly increasing trend in consumer prices. The monthly increase in consumer prices was 20.60%, a bit below December's 25.47% increase, which still surprised markets on the downside. Projections suggest that monthly inflation will remain in double digits at least until the beginning of the second quarter of 2024, driven by the pass-through effects of the currency devaluation and corrections in prices for energy, transportation, and fuel, among others. The forecast for the year-end 2024 stands at 180%, with potential for further increases [oai_citation:2,Argentina Inflation January 2024 - FocusEconomics](https://www.focus-economics.com/countries/argentina/news/inflation/inflation-comes-in-at-highest-level-since-our-records-began-13/).

This inflationary pressure is a massive challenge for Argentina's economy and its citizens, reflecting deeper structural issues that need addressing. The situation is quite grim, and while the government is hopeful for a turnaround, it’s clear the path to stabilization will be a tough one.

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