Will Sam Altman retaliate and get rid of Ilya by the end of 2024?
resolved May 15

This will resolve to YES if

- Ilya gets ousted or managed out

- This will also be counted as yes if he got removed and returned later

This will resolve to NO:

- Ilya didn't leave by the end of 2024 or voluntarily decided to leave

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Although i personal think it was a retaliation, based on Ilya tweet, he explicitly stated it was voluntary thus resolves to NO.

If I had to resolve this to YES, it would be more of an opinionated outcome that contradict the resolution criteria

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@trixwit profile says they are temporarily inactive - all reports from sam, greg, and ilya himself are that this is voluntary. I'm asking another mod to resolve no.

@shankypanky I still lurk from time to time

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Why so low this is obviously exactly what happened

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I mean, who knows what happend?

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Sam Altman says he is unsure if Ilya Sutskever is still working at OpenAI

What if we aren’t given an official reason for why he left? Also, most possible reasons involve him being strongly incentivized to do so but still doing it by personal choice (voluntarily). How would the market resolve if that happened?

@TheBayesian if there wasn't enough info on why he left, then this will resolve to NO

@trixwit Resolves NO then :p

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