Will the Mad Investor Chaos thread and all sequels/forks thereof complete by the end of 2022?
resolved Jan 2
Feb 13, 11:30pm: I made this resolve at the wrong time, I will resolve it as N/A unless they add the ability to edit resolve time before then. Feb 13, 11:45pm: "On indefinite hiatus" / "not intended to be completed or worked on further" will also make this resolve to YES. If it's not clear if they'll actually ever get back to it after 2022, I will resolve as N/A. Feb 14, 4:35pm: "Forks" only includes threads that are part of the same continuity. "What if this happened instead" doesn't count. Close date updated to 2022-12-31 11:59 pm
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Resolve as NO

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Observation: one of the people predicting YES is one of the authors of the story.

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@josh that trade was a long time ago (before FTX)

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@MordecaiWeynberg Yeah, I realized that later, that's why I sold and switched to NO.

I am unclear - is the message from Feb 13, 11:30pm still in effect? And if so, does it imply that, barring a failure in intent or execution of the commitment described therein, this will only be resolved No if Manifold adds resolution time editing?

I can only assume this is the reason why No isn't further ahead right now.

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@Nexidava Looks like the close time is correct, so I don't think so. It seems to me that some are buying YES because they think the story will be abandoned.

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I am curious about what YES-buyers are thinking here. Are you expecting a really fast completion of the story, or that it will be abandoned?

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@Multicore Abandonment is wildly more plausible than finishing in the timeframe, and slowdowns tend to predict abandonment.

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Time marches on, and it begins to feel plausible that it will take through December to complete the end game.
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another clarifying question: does "forks" include threads that are not part of the continuity but feature the same characters, perhaps in "what if this happened instead?" sandboxes?
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Additional clarification: do they have to be *marked* completed or does ⌛ / not updated for a while after some fairly rounded off plot points count?