Will someone create another Manifold multiple choice market with 200 or more answers on it by EOY 2024?

To count for this, the market must be either 1) be made with 200 or more questions at the start, or 2) organically reach 200+ answers through other means. The market must also be interacted with by many other users organically, and be public for everyone to see.

A market that is made for the sole purpose of mass adding answers to resolve this question will not count toward this, so don't waste the mana trying it.

As of posting, the only market I know of with 200+ answers is the 'What Will Happen In January' one with 247 answers.

See: /strutheo/what-will-happen-in-january-2024-ad

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february one didnt get up to january levels

the january one is 224+ and climbing but this will not resolve because i said ANOTHER market

Is that a cap of 100 active answers, or total including resolved answers?

@Joshua not entirely sure if its 'active' or 'total' cap , here is what eliza sent me https://github.com/manifoldmarkets/manifold/commit/58d14d2a27485008cee4a3f0fec4f5da56f94e11

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@strutheo I think that given you state the 2024JAN market (where a majority of answers are already resolved/no longer active) counts, inactive answers should definitely count.

@RobertCousineau yes resolved answers do count , as in the January market ( assuming they fit my other criteria in the description)

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