Will Russia and China have an operational nuclear power plant on the moon by EOY 2040?

Link: https://www.reuters.com/technology/space/russia-china-are-considering-putting-nuclear-power-unit-moon-ria-2024-03-05/

"Today we are seriously considering a project - somewhere at the turn of 2033-2035 - to deliver and install a power unit on the lunar surface together with our Chinese colleagues," Borisov said.

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Are there any restrictions as to what this can be? Would a radioisotope thermolectric generator (RTG) count?

@ScipioFabius although it would benefit me, I don't think this should count

@JoshuaWilkes I dont think it should count either, but it technicly is nuclear powered, and to my knowledge is the most reasonable/likely approach to early nuclear power on the moon. That is why I'm asking, I think the market needs some specification on this.

Edit: and it has been used before, so that increases the odds of a future use case drastically.

@ScipioFabius yup, I agree. I think technically it is included but in spirit not. @strutheo just needs to clarify.

IIRC, NASA plans to put an RTG on the lunar surface on a rover to meet one of the crewed landing with samples

@JoshuaWilkes Oh damn, that is cool. Do you have any idea what it was called? I can't seem to find anything on a quick search

@ScipioFabius it's Endurance R

In certain documents it's talked about as if it's definitely happening but as you say it's 'Google presence' is almost zero

@JoshuaWilkes yeah i wont count that, power plant not just a nuclear battery

@JoshuaWilkes It should be Endurance A


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