Will a third Boeing whistleblower die before the end of Halloween?
Nov 1
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its kind of messed up that the lawyers and publications keep on trying to use mealy mouth language to try to imply causality, that 10 more whistleblowers are coming out because the 2 died instead of the fact that they had the whistleblowers lined up anyways...

it makes it like 50x less suspicious when its 2 dying from a pool of 12+ (even if Barnett was the highest profile)

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Correcting this towards base rate plus a large fudge factor, on assumption that Boeing whistleblowers have approximately same risk factors as demographically similar Fortune 500 employees. Fudge factor covers pattern recognition issues, unbounded definition and count of “whistleblower”, etc.

@patio11 surprised it bounced back up that fast!

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Subsidized to make it less bouncy.

@Joshua back at 25% lol

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@patio11 If folks want to keep conspiracy theorizing I will keep giving you action at 10%. Thanks for your mana.

I hope this larger group of whistle blowers will experience “Safety in numbers”—

@SusanneinFrance yes they should start living together like a school of fish

@strutheo fish in a barrel more like. They should run to different ends of the earth

@NivlacM wow maybe youre right, that makes it too easy

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