By 2027, will it ever become media consensus that a Boeing Whistleblower died by foul play?

There are now two Boeing whistleblowers who have died: Joshua Dean and John Barnett. Here's an article on Dean:

I will resolve this market based on apparent media consensus, based on preponderance of evidence -- if it seems like 50% +1 of major American media publications with an opinion on the case seem to agree that foul play was involved, we'll resolve YES.

Note that this market is for ANY Boeing whistleblower, which includes Dean, Barnett, and any past or future ones that may appear.

A Boeing whistleblower is defined as anyone who has in the past, or has ever been scheduled to, give negative testimony against Boeing, Spirit Airlines, or any of Boeing's suppliers.

This market resolves NO if January 1, 2027 rolls around and there's no consensus yet, or the consensus is that no foul play was involved.

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This has me wondering if any company has risen to this level of evil before. Volkswagen's Dieselgate is the most blatant example I can think of but even that isn't quite as mustache-twirling as this would be.

(I'm now chatting with GPT4 which suggests as the closest to cold-blooded murder a corporation in modern history has gotten. That we know of, of course.)