🕵️Which recent Nintendo leaks about new console and games will turn out true?
Jul 8
Direct in June
Metroid Prime 4 announced in June
Persona 6 will be set in France
Persona 6 announced in June
Announcing 'future of nintendo'
3D mario title inspired by the movie announced in june 2024
Switch 2 announced in June

See: https://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/670467217

>Direct on June (usual time frame as other years)
>Format is special, due to them not announcing games for the Switch specificaly, but rather announcing "The Future of Nintendo", being the Switch 2 (name still not clear)
>Switch 2 is more an upgraded Switch than a new console
>2 models at launch: Standard and OLED (main differences being the screen size, screen type and capacity)
>Confirmation of Nvidia custom parts, being near the level of Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on Docked mode and equal to PS4 Pro on Handhelded mode. They showcased this part by playing Zelda TOTK on constant 60 FPS.
>Joycons doesn't change visualy a lot, but the inside changed drastically to avoid the Joycon Drift problem
>Multiple new games are showed and showcased:
-Metroid Prime 4 (Launch Title)
-Unnamed 3D Mario Title inspired by the Movie
-Pokémon Legends Z-A (First gameplay look and release date)
-Persona 6 (previously leaked by ATLUS leaker). The game sets in Paris, France.
-Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero (showcasing Local Play and Split Screen)
-Unnamed SEGA game
>A bundle including the Switch 2 (OLED), Metroid Prime 4 and a year of NSO expansion pass will be proposed at launch. The dock, Joycons (Orange and Blue) and Console's back would have Metroid's designs.
>Launch on March 2025 (already confirmed by same ATLUS leaker)

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Direct in June
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This one was a bit undervalued lol https://www.ign.com/articles/nintendo-direct-confirmed-for-june-to-focus-on-switch-games-only. Notably, the leak is faker than fake, since the upcoming Direct will explicitly not mention the Switch successor.

Metroid Prime you say?


new leak for nintendo

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