Will Destiny watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin? 🎧🎙️
resolved Mar 1

Will resolve YES if he spends 10 minutes or more watching or reacting to the interview. Otherwise resolves NO on March 1st.

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Damn you Tiny 😡

10% really? There’s almost a week and a half left…

@soweliSon if destiny really wanted to react to it, he would have done it already. Also the interview is kinda old news by now.

I highly doubt Destiny will be able to get Putin to watch it with him /s

@Arky Maybe after watching it with Trump. /s

Huh, why is the market so low? I haven’t been watching his stream. I’d expect for him to watch the whole interview.

@soweliSon I mean content-wise it was a pretty boring interview.

@Hibakusja True, not really a spectacle. Has a Destiny said anything on stream about it?

@soweliSon He hasn't streamed, besides a short panel-form canvassing stream where he didn't really comment on any happenings.

Is all he's said about it in chat.

bought Ṁ25 YES from 60% to 61%
bought Ṁ25 YES

@Hibakusja I think its safe to assume we will see him react to more than 10 minutes of it before the 29th.

@VadoDaRosa I mean I'm happy to set a NO limit at 33% if you wanna take it

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