Does Aubrey 'Drake' Graham have a daughter born in or before 2013?
☕️ Found some old rumors & gossip from 2015 about Drake possibly having a 2 yr old daughter with a Haitian-American bottle waitress from the LIV club in Miami. Allegedly he at least paid some child support while paternity tests were pending:

Kendrick Lamar has asserted that Drake is hiding the existence of an abandoned daughter.

This market resolves 'YES' if Kendrick's claim of Drake having a daughter is substantiated and/or if Drake verifies it as true.

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Addendum 2024-05-14: This market's close date was chosen arbitrarily and may be extended if the answer remains controversial.

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Drake now claiming that he fed Kendrick false information about the daughter.

@TiredCliche “You fell into my trap! Now the world thinks I’m a pedophile!” 💀

There's a biiig difference between "hiding" a child for less than a year while confirming paternity/working through custody issues, and having a secret daughter for 11 years. Drake confirmed he had a son one month after Story of Adidon. But in the case of "baby girl" he immediately denied it. Would make meet the grahams a masterpiece if true, but unfortunately that seems rather unlikely.

But whatever ends up being true, what an entertaining beef! Have to appreciate the artistry that goes into a social media feud when it's between two major songwriters.

Edit: Embed function not working. Drake tweeted "Baby girl." on January 15th, 2012 @ 9:39PM

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