Vibeclipse - Austin - SoCal Bingo: what will I experience/encounter during my trip? [prop bets - add your own responses]
Apr 21
Get a fourth VC bingo at any time on trip
See a Boucher painting restored live at the Timken (SD)
Go to Balboa Park in San Diego and see someone feeding the giant goldfish
hike to Potato Chip Rock (SD)
Get a third VC Bingo at any time on trip
Give someone a gift
See the sunrise
Do a favour for someone
3+ people join Manifold because of this market
Someone shares about their parts (IFS) unprompted
Someone at Vibecamp manipulates this market for at least 200 mana of profit
Be on a table that a person is not meant to be on
See the Mushroom House (SD)
Scuba diving at the La Jolla Underwater Park (ride the rides, play the midway games of chance and skill) (SD)
Hike through Torrey Pines reserve (SD)
Black’s Beach near Torrey Pines (SD)
eclipse view obstructed or diminished by bad weather/clouds
meet someone who works for an Elon Musk company (Tesla, Neuralink etc.)
Do the Hotel del Coronado “ghost tour“ (SD)


Austin/Vibeclipse: 3-10

California 10-17

My NYC Bingo market was really fun (and my affinity for marketable scavenger hunts remains high) so I'm back for another round:

I've suddenly decided to go to Vibeclipse - April 5-8 near Austin, TX

I'm still confirming travel to Southern California, but it would be somewhere around 9-15th ish.

Open for responses! Add suggestions of things I should do/see, or things you think I may encounter during my trip - you'll get trader bonuses every time someone bets on your options. If you prefer, comment with a suggestion and I'll add it for you.

Relevant bits:

  • I'll fly into Austin a day or two before the event - it will be my first time there.

    • The event is ~90 minutes west of Austin.

  • Vibeclipse has shared sleeping cabins. I'm liable to get a hotel or other (non-airbnb) accommodation on either side of the event.

  • I expect at least a day or two in Austin - possibly more if I don't head to California afterward - so options related to the city are welcome.

  • I'm traveling solo, but have a couple of friends who will likely be at VC (they will not resolve the "old friend" option).

  • I plan to rent a car for all or part of the trip.

  • I'm not much of a "top things to do in..." type, and keen for some more irreverent suggestions for the city/cities I visit.

    • feel free to add things that can happen without my intention/intervention like "witness a breakup" or "encounter a protest"

  • I know it's Texas but: I'll NA any really meaty options because that's an easy No resolution. I'm not strictly Veg but I'm not going to go for Texas BBQ.

  • I'll take photos for posterity when I can.

I'd like to resolve lots of Yes answers! I'll bet on this market in the direction I think is most likely and won't change my bet at a late stage. I will adjust bets as time goes on, though, to reflect what seems realistic.

I'll resolve n/a at my discretion but count on it for junk or spam answers including really easy Yeses (yes, I plan to wake up each day) or really easy Nos (no, I won't heckle anyone at Rogan's comedy club) or absurd/impossible ones (no, I'm not going to go to McGregor and force my way onto the launch pad for a selfie). just play nice and add real things, okay? 🧡

If you want to take some inspiration from past travel bingo markets:




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Get a second VC Bingo at any time on trip

I'm disturbingly close to getting a second (and third) VC bingo 🚀

Go to Kindred death metal bar/brunchery (SD)

nice rec @CommanderZander what should I eat? (@Lion will be happy to know they have a menu item literally called "Good Soup")

@shankypanky I actually don't remember anything in particular, just had a nice brunch here!

@shankypanky Tss, there is literally good soup and you ask what to eat!?! wtf

@Lion I can't live on only a small cup of tomato soup!

@shankypanky It might be just a small cup of tomato soup, but it comes with an endless portion of soup love 🧡

[Or just order two...]

@shankypanky 🧡 =🍲

it all comes back to soup


3+ people join Manifold because of this market

haven't managed to get anyone yet call it a Shill Issue

@Joshua 😮‍💨

@Joshua mixed messages and I can't tell if you like it or not call it a Thrill Issue

bought Ṁ10 Hear someone groan f... YES

@Joshua free alpha and I haven't even bet call it a Good Will Issue

@Joshua get it while it's hot

Go to Balboa Park in San Diego and see someone feeding the giant goldfish

I'm here and I think this is discouraged lol

eclipse view obstructed or diminished by bad weather/clouds

@shankypanky How was the view?

Go to Kindred death metal bar/brunchery (SD)
bought Ṁ10 Go to Kindred death ... YES

nice add - looks like I have three things in Balboa Park on the list so seem like all three are doable (as long as someone is there feeding goldfish) today

Info about my Timken answer:
This is pretty cool but only happens Thursdays & Fridays. The Timken (in Balboa Park) is a very nice museum on other days too ofc.

@CommanderZander oh no I'll have to go today or never!

@CommanderZander I like this suggestion btw! looks like I can go do this between 1-4p today so I'll try to head down this afternoon and check it out. 🖼

Pick a food to order



bought Ṁ150 go to the Chili's at... NO

alas, not enough time for the Comedy Mothership and I predictably didn't go to the Wildflower Center (I didn't rent a car after all) so both of these Austin-specfic things resolve No.

I'm off to the airport in a few hours so there's still a chance I get a Sweetheart or Darlin' (I'm hopeful)

"ma'am" would have been a much easier win, as it turns out