Post-mortem revelations: will damning new evidence be revealed in the OJ Simpson case?

OJ Simpson lost his battle with cancer today. 🪦

30 years ago, OJ's ex-wife and her friend were stabbed to death in her home. There was an infamous car chase and when Simpson was charged with their murder, the high-profile court case was unavoidable. Despite a mountain of apparent evidence, Simpson was acquitted yet many (most?) people maintain to this day that he got away with murder. In a really weird move many years later, OJ even wrote a book called "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer" - a hypothetical scenario where he committed the murders.

Worth noting: there are also multiple theories that it was Jason Simpson and not his father who is the true killer.

Now that OJ is dead, will new evidence come to light?

I can't account for all options and types of information that may come but at a baseline, whatever the new evidence is, it has to be tangible and reliably reported - not hearsay - including a post-mortem confession by OJ himself. It doesn't necessarily need to lead to a revival of the case, a new trial, or a new conviction, etc., but it should be somehow revelatory.

Any evidence released within 2 years of his death.

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nah but that'd be hilarious if it's like in his will

LOL they find the glove inside him