Will I smoke another cigarette before 2024?
resolved Jan 1

I quit in September 2022 for a year, then started again and smoked just over 1 pack a week for a month.

This year I started on the 28th of September and quit on the 26th of October.

This question resolves yes if I take a single puff of a cigarette before January 1st 2024.

I will be betting on this market, but I will exclusively be buying NO and not selling until the market resolves ((please ignore when I bought and sold YES after creating this market, that was an accident)).

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🤞 hope you're still feeling good and holding out!

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Betting NO because yes you can do this! ❤

to get this right: in Sept 2023 you picked up the habit again for a month but haven't touched them since? do you have the craving/impulse? is there a context (holiday stress, socialising, celebrations, etc) where you're more likely to smoke?

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@shankypanky Yeah you've got the idea, I only started again very late in Sept 2023 so it was mostly through Oct. I'll update the description with exact dates :)

I have semi frequent cravings, particularly when I go out drinking (1-3 times per week) or just seeing someone smoke (none of my friends are smokers)

got it! I'm optimistic (and supportive!) but the holidays are coming up and I know they can be a trap 😅