Will a United States Supreme Court Justice die, retire or be impeached and removed before Jan. 20th 2025?
  1. Definition of a United States Supreme Court Justice: A United States Supreme Court Justice is defined as an individual who holds a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States as of the creation date of this prediction market question.

  2. Events Included: The events to be considered for resolution include the death, retirement, or the succesful impeachment of a sitting United States Supreme Court Justice. Impeachment should be understood as the formal process of charges being brought against a Justice by the House of Representatives, followed by a successful trial in the Senate.

  3. Time Frame: The prediction market question is focused on events occurring before January 20th, 2025 (Inaugration Day).

Resolution Criteria:

  1. Official Confirmation: The resolution will be based on official and verifiable announcements made by relevant authorities or institutions like an official announcement of the event, such as a statement from the Justice, the Supreme Court, or other authoritative sources.

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