Will Bitcoin go up-only until halving? (monthly close)
May 2

Will every month close higher than the previous month until halving? The last month that must close higher is the one when the halving occur (likely April 2024).

Month close: the last day of the month, 12:00 am UTC (same as CoinMarketCap uses for monthly candles)

Price source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/ (regular view)

In other words, every candle on this view must be green until halving:

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April is back to green!

bought Ṁ200 YES from 60% to 74%
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@roma what level do you see it has to beat? I have it up but not by much, certainly not justifying 74%.

@deagol Whatever coinmarketcap's close of March is. I also see it just barely green, my trades are not quite rational in this particular market :)

@roma thanks, so 71333.65 as seen in March candle and confirmed in historical data:

@roma I see you spent $1.7 quadrillion, no wait, quintillion? not quite rational indeed 😂

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January made it. 3 more month to go.

predicts YES

January is green rn, just needs to stay green

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November is green. So far so good