By 2025, will at least one song in the Billboard Hot 100 have been primarily AI-generated?
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NostalgIA, an AI generated song by flowgpt, entered the top 20 of Spanish Spotify charts. Seems like tentative evidence that we will get something in the hot 100 by 2025.

@StrayClimb new number one hit, I'll just stand here til you deliver my winnings

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@StrayClimb this song sucks dude. Sorry.

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@StrayClimb solid banger

What counts as primarily AI generated?

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@dggL on my markets for 2026 and 2030, the idea is : having significant influence on the song's melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumental timbre and tone, and EQ mixing. As a thumb rule, if the AI system was responsible for at least one third of the song production process is what i'm considering for it being AI-generated

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@firstuserhere Ok but this one says "primarily" and one third is not primarily

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So, either a song released in 2023 or 2024 is top 100 by the year end? This market seems way too high to me

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@firstuserhere 50% seems right to me, 2 years ago SOTA image generation was still GANs

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@dmayhem93 oh damn, that was not even 2 years ago? Wow.

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@dmayhem93 that's okay. This is more of a popularity question, not achieving a new :SOTA

Created another market till 2030:

Same market but till 2026:

@firstuserhere Note that there is a gap of 2 years in the market question. One is about 2023 and 2024-year end, and one is for 2 more years.

@firstuserhere nvm, misread, disregard the above comment.