Will Manifold *BAN* duplicate questions in 2024?

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They did introduce a guideline against needlessly duplicating questions: /firstuserhere/will-manifold-introduce-a-rule-or-a , but i don't think that duplicating should be banned, it's a very useful functionality. It lets us use a market as a template and save wasted effort. GitHub also lets people fork repositories and that's just fine.

I don't see a problem here, because troll duplications trying to take advantage of the system are unranked and unsubsidized.

Thinking of duplication as "Using markets as a template" should be a better framing.

@predyx_markets How come this resolved before the end of 2024?

Re-opened until end of 2024.

@predyx_markets Welcome to the predictions Tony Pepperoni!


Sorry had to resolve this because we think it was causing unnecessary resentment among some users. We are truly sorry for duplicating few political questions for 2024. We will rather focus on 2028 Elections. We are not here to offend any one, were just trying to figure out the markets and how it works. Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused due to duplicate political questions.

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This resolved favourable for me, but I don't see how this could have resolved before end of 2024

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there’s a duplicate button. i don’t think they’re banning functionality that they support

@mattyb To be fair I don't think the duplicate button is supposed to be for duplicating with no significant changes