Nov 6
Donald Trump
Joe Biden
Nikki Haley
Gavin Newsom
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Ron DeSantis
Vivek Ramaswamy
Kamala Harris
Ammon Lam

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We are truly sorry for duplicating few political questions for 2024. We will rather focus on 2028 Elections. We are not here to offend any one, were just trying to figure out the markets and how it works. Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused due to duplicate political questions.

@predyx_markets Do you have some problem with all the existing markets on these questions?

@Joshua No Sir!

@predyx_markets Then why create the duplicates?

@Joshua Sir, we are testing out a parallel market dominated in sats (smallest unit of Bitcoin) instead of MANA. We only rely on our questions posted on Manifold for liquidity matching 1-to-1 on sats. Also, just to be fair we have different close dates than the questions you are comparing us to, thus our markets results may vary. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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@predyx_markets Just so you know @levifinkelstein was banned for making duplicated markets, I think. He trolled in other ways as well but the way I've heard it is that the duplicate markets were an important final straw

@Tumbles Levi mass-copied every popular question. Making duplicates is allowed, but they may be unsubsidized per the guidelines.

@Tumbles Sir, we are not trolling, just performing an experiment on sats market. We not spam anyone.

@Joshua You know, I've yet to hear a story about Levi where he isn't based

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