Will OpenAI be valued at more than $90 billion by the end of 2030?

Will OpenAI be valued more than $90b by the end of 2030?

Based on either IPO or private valuations.

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Open AI will definitely be valued more by the end of 2030 as it's open source and there are a lot of possibilities to be uncovered as we move forward there will be use cases in which open AI can do more faster and more perfectly compared to humans.

The wave of open AI has just begun and as we train different machines with more data and information the stronger the possibilities for AI will increase.

There are sources that open AI might become the trillion dollar industry by 2030 so definitely its not going anywhere for next 10 years.

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the company is on a high rise, they made $10billion in revenue last year and looking to make 200 billion by close of this year. This is a high performing start up. the company value has shot up since Microsoft bought 49%, they are also looking at investing further to compete with google, Bing has integrated OpenAI's ChatGPT into their search engine making the speculation of a share sale particularly those of employees which is potentially taking the value to about $80 to $90 Billion plausible.

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The Wall Street Journal (2023) recently noted that OpenAI employees will sell their shares and triple the company's valuation from January to more than $80 billion. Meanwhile, Reuters (2023) reported that OpenAI will generate more than $1 billion in revenue within 12 months and that Microsoft, a major shareholder, has invested more than $10 billion. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that OpenAI will be valued at more than $90 billion by 2030 with a promising future and growth momentum.

Reference: https://www.wsj.com/tech/ai/openai-seeks-new-valuation-of-up-to-90-billion-in-sale-of-existing-shares-ed6229e0?ns=prod/accounts-wsj


Which question are we betting on, the one in the title or the one in the description?

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@MagWildwood They’re meant to say the same thing. YES = OpenAI > 90b, no = less.

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