Will I become a master on Codeforces by the end of August?
Aug 31

This is my Codeforces profile: https://codeforces.com/profile/0npata.

I will be training for IOI so you can expect some improvement.

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shouldn't the title be "... by September" given you set the resolution date to the end of August?

@pzet I guess it has more interpretations (https://chatgpt.com/share/b49b7aee-33c1-4184-8c4e-48b67cdcbcb7). I can edit the title sure.

@pzet ‘By date’ in english means rither ‘before date’ or ‘by end of date’ to different english speakers, and first-language speakers disagree. On manifold there’s a rough guideline to use anything that doesn’t have that ambiguity