Will someone pay their rent using Mana before 2026?

To pay at least 1 week of rent using M$.

Related literature: https://www.lesswrong.com/lw/i3/making_beliefs_pay_rent_in_anticipated_experiences/

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I think this already happened @JoelBecker , right?

Office rent, yes, but not living rent, which I think might be the spirit of the market

If someone reports their paid rent here, I invite them to post a picture or two of the place in reply to this comment.

Does office rent count? Joel did this already

Does it have to be legally "rent"? Or does any payment for a place to stay count, such as a mortgage payment, airbnb payment, an unofficial agreement with friends/family you life with, etc?

@IsaacKing Thanks for the clarifying question. I suggest as resolution criteria: Any payment deal to actually live somewhere above an equivalent of >10 USD per night.

@o Would presenting evidence of me renting a room to a friend of mine for a couple of days resolve as yes? I don't think there's a falsifiable resolution criteria for this question