Will a whale successfully invest in a creator partner program member?

Dan has proposed a revenue sharing or patronage model, where Dan sends mana to a creator partner who is mana poor (such as strutheo), in exchange for a share of the profits from the creator partner program.

Resolves NO at end of 2024 if no evidence is presented, or the practice is officially banned by Manifold, or if this is no longer possible on Manifold.

Resolves YES if a creator partner submits proof of real money payment to an investor, privately to me or publicly, and proof of the investor sending mana to the creator (publicly via managram)

Please manipulate this market!

I will not bet in this market

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An idea I had that requires a feature that does not yet exist, but could:

Will a Creator Partner buy (with USD/currency) ownership of a market and its future trader bonuses from a non-Creator Partner market creator (before X)?

Requires market ownership transfer to exist. This feature has been requested in the past.

Buying a promising but early stages market with mana or USD to 'invest' in the future trader bonuses seems like a natural evolution of this system. The experienced Creator Partner can use his/her skills to manage the market, criteria, and crowd, and profit, while the original creator can profit in mana or money by selling, and also no longer need to manage the market.

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@strutheo I prefer to think of it like old timey patronage, like when rich people would fund artists they liked