Placeholder market

If Manifold changes the market creation cost, then I will change the title and description to something of my choosing

Else, this market resolves to whatever I want, whenever I want

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your market only has 100 mana subsidy, which is only worth 10 cent post pivot

@AmmonLam I don't care about liquidity, I care about market creation cost

@nikki very difficult to attract traders on a market without liquidity.
but may be its still worth something

@AmmonLam i don't care. if I get the next lk-99 i'm set for life. I will soon have 100 lotto tickets to news react

@AmmonLam topics > liq

@AmmonLam I'm not sure about that. I think market-you-don't-have-to-fully-subsidize will be a rare and prized commodity in the Brave New World.

@MichaelWheatley I’ve got plenty of old markets with no traders, that I can change the question name without anyone noticing.

Let’s see how much value they will give me

@AmmonLam That sounds evil