[More bins] How much money will the highest earning partner creator earn in 2024?

Any currency earned as a result of the program, that is directly convertible into USD will count. This includes unique trader bonuses and the proposed $1 per referral. All USD must be made after the start date (Feb 26)

All upper bounds are exclusive. If the top creator earns $10, then the $10-50 market resolves to YES

$0 will resolve YES if Partner Creators is cancelled with zero payouts, or paid in a non-USD convertible currency. If Partner Creators is cancelled before the end of 2024, but makes a payout, the payout amount will count. Any payouts will be adjusted if controversy occurs and the payout is reduced.

Data source: https://manifold.markets/strutheo/partner or similar. If no public data is available, I will ask the highest earning partners.

Note: this quarter has a current cap of $3000, that may be changed in the future

Current payout amounts:

  • $0.10 per trader on Yes/No markets.

  • $0.20 per trader on Multi-choice markets.

  • $1.00 per new user referral.

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It would be cool if Diablo.

The highest-earning partner creator in 2024 is expected to earn at least $2000 or more. This reflects the top end of the earning spectrum, with 98% of partner creators falling within this range. I know even more working way to make money. Once you see Spinz Casino Kokemuksia you will get how MGA-licensed platform can bring you income. As the success of the partner creating initiative will depend on various factors such as market traction and user engagement, results in gambling will depend on your preparedness and lack.

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