[Kalshi] Will TikTok be banned by December 31, 2024?

Will TikTok be banned by December 31, 2024?

Resolves the same as the original on Kalshi.

Resolution criteria

If TikTok is banned before 2025, then the market resolves to Yes.

Resolution sources


Once the original resolves, its resolution will be applied to this market automatically. Trustworthy-ish users are encouraged to resolve this market before then if the outcome is known and unambiguous. Feel free to ping @jskf to request early resolution or to report issues.

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Same comment as on similar markets: The bill currently working through congress would only ban the app after a year. Court challenges could delay this. It seems unlikely to me that a different bill would supersede this one, or that Biden would ban by executive order while legislation was pending. I think this is a NO.