Will the U.S. assassinate a Houthi leader in 2024?

This question will resolve YES if the U.S. takes responsibility for the assassination (by any means, including airstrike) of a leader of Yemen's Houthi movement in 2024 after the creation of this market.

There has been chatter that the U.S. air campaign against Houthi missile launches has been ineffective because it is expensive and has so far failed to stop their attacks. This market seeks to establish whether the U.S. will turn to a targeted assassination of a leader instead.

To clarify the resolution: If the U.S. participates in the assassination with partner countries, that still counts for YES. If the U.S. and/or reputable media outlets describe the person assassinated as a "leader" or similar term, that will count as a leader. The Houthi leader does not have to be inside of Yemen for this to resolve as YES.

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How long until the U.S. says enough is enough and tries a different strategy?

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@mint The Biden regime is perfectly self-satisfied with its soft-dick geopolitics. Really, this should have been done in December.

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