Will the words "artificial intelligence" be said in the debates for the 2024 US presidential election?
resolved Sep 29

Can be primaries or main campaign debates, and can be said by either the moderators or the candidates.

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And of course this includes Green, Libertarian, No Labels and other parties, right?

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@AaronKreider They’re usually not included in the debates, so probably not.

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What if they say "AI"?

@StevenK Resolves as YES, except in the (extremely unlikely) case that the context clearly indicates that the initials stand for another thing in every instance.

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@milanw How about the phrase "artificially intelligent"?

@StevenK Only if part of an expression such as "artificially intelligent system" or "artificially intelligent model"

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@milanw But other phrases like "GPT-4" or "superintelligence" don't resolve YES even if part of the debate was clearly about AI, right?

@StevenK That's right. I want to have clear resolution criteria, and it would be weird and unlikely for there to be talk about, say, GPT-4, without ever saying "AI" or equivalent.

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