Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of human (sex) trafficking?

Regarding his current charges and the outcome of his arrest.

The "exploitation purposes" prerequisite needs to (more or less) be ruled to relate to the sex work that the trafficked persons performed or were intended to perform.

Feb 3, 10:59pm: Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex trafficking? → Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex/human trafficking? May 18, 5:41am: human (sex) trafficking

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Is Memestiny even still active?

Joshua avatar

Interesting! Cool to finally see movement on this market.

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Odoacrepredicts YES

@Tumbles there's some really spicy stuff in that

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Hanchi Sun
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Conrad Gettybought Ṁ225 of NO

out of all people

Andrew tate

is the man?

what does it mean to

take the red pill?

leave the matrix?

strong men

make strong times

cant let liberal snowflakes pronoun

pronoun ce masculinity dead

Gen avatar
Genzypredicts NO

@conradgetty As Michael Jordan once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." I think we (the NO gang) have got the teamwork part down.

Now we just need to focus on the "talent and intelligence" side of things.

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Brian T. Edwards

@Gen Shame for the Tate brothers they are entirely lacking in talent or intelligence. Bro-ing out on YouTube for the meatheads and douchebags is the antithesis of talent and intelligence my dude.

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Ankalagonchikpredicts YES

@BTE damn, so radical for no reason

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Genzypredicts NO

i can’t wait to get my payout in 2036

How long do they need to review some YouTube clips? According to the comments here that’s sufficient evidence

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james osold Ṁ17 of NO

@Gen yeah

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n99mbought Ṁ1,666 of NO

YES voters will have their asses handed back to them on a silver plate. Tate is obviously guilty but how is that judicially salient? Never forget that they got Al Capone for tax fraud.

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Joe Mpredicts YES

@n99m Al Capone was never stupid enough to admit to his worse crimes directly on tape.

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Daltonispredicts YES

@n99m Dude, you come in here every week, sometimes even more often just to suck Tate off in the comments. Get a grip 😭

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n99mbought Ṁ239 of NO

@Daltonis You give me the impression you believe this market is a contest of whose favorite will prevail. Why do you seek to distort my market thesis? I’ve articulated in part my reasoned why’s.

But you, YES’s, persist in insinuating that any NO position is due to a favoritism towards Tate. It’s not.

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n99mpredicts NO

@JoeM6d6e He’s also bragged about being a billionaire on tape. I don’t believe his net worth anywhere close to that. Tate distorts, malcharacterises, and is extensively hyperbolic in his discourse. You cannot make the case that he said something on a video and therefore it’s considered evidentiary or an admission of a crime.

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CodeandSolderpredicts YES

@n99m why are y'all trying to convince the other side, it would lose you possible profits, just bet and wait lol

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Traveelpredicts YES

@CodeandSolder It’s not really about that to people. Also, it does make you money if you sell prior to market resolution

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@n99m he is 100% guilty he raped my sister

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james opredicts NO

@JoeM6d6e I don't think they're prosecuting Andrew Tate for anything related to his former webcam business. Or are you referring to something else?

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n99mpredicts NO

This new breed of Destiny fans lack the forethought and prudence that characterizes Destiny‘a thinking. How can you be fans of his?

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jackson polackbought Ṁ0 of YES

this sentence has been true since 2016 at least

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n99mbought Ṁ469 of NO

Will someone articulate the YES position? Tate is not worried about any court charges. He’s resumes living his extravagant life and is free to travel again. But he still hasn’t left Romania. Are these the activities of a guilty man?

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Aghpredicts YES


A) he is guilty as hell.

B) his house arrest was lifted, but he is still banned from leaving Romania.

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Hawspredicts YES

@n99m the YES position is we arent simps gobbling tate cummies like you.

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Conrad Gettypredicts NO

@n99m no !!! tate is innocent !!! no more communism !!!

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Good Griefpredicts YES

@conradgetty has no faith in the matrix :sadcowboy:

willenhall12345 avatar
willenhall 12345predicts YES

@conradgetty Lol, stay mad, your boy is a sex trafficker, he admitted it himself.

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Punished Furrypredicts YES

@willenhall12345 that's liberal propaganda

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willenhall 12345bought Ṁ700 of YES

@PunishedFurry The video that he created himself is liberal propaganda? I didn't know Tate was a liberal.

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Conrad Gettypredicts NO

@willenhall12345 he has a liberal spirit but his heart is not taken over by soros economic forum ideology

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willenhall 12345predicts YES

@conradgetty Take your meds, schizo.

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n99mpredicts NO

@Agh You anti-titans are intellectually dispossessed normies that think the “obviousness” that’s informed by some socioemotional process is judicially sound. Wrong! He may be just as guilty as O.J. Simpson, but alas still innocent in the court of law.

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willenhall 12345predicts YES

@n99m Proof?

willenhall12345 avatar
willenhall 12345predicts YES

@willenhall12345 There's plenty of proof that points towards him being guilty but I can't think of any that points to him being innocent.

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Daltonispredicts YES

@n99m Bait or mental remediation - call it.