Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of human (sex) trafficking?

Regarding his current charges and the outcome of his arrest.

The "exploitation purposes" prerequisite needs to (more or less) be ruled to relate to the sex work that the trafficked persons performed or were intended to perform.

Feb 3, 10:59pm: Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex trafficking? → Will Andrew Tate be found guilty of sex/human trafficking? May 18, 5:41am: human (sex) trafficking

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Thinking of getting into this market..can anyone point me to biased and unbiased sources, ideally a lazy ass summary ;)

thanks in advance

An arrest warrant has been issued for Andrew Tate and his brother in the UK and Romanian authorities have arrested them off the back of it.

Will Tate appear in court in the UK?

When will he Andrew Tate be convicted?

"#wokism" 🥴🥴🫠

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@SoundsNentindo you're right, human trafficking is because wokeness

@faebie are the tags AI generated? And what does destiny.gg have to do w this question specifically

@faebiethe terms "wokeness" and "wokism" are trite and banal imo

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This should be resolved to no

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@AdamDyer i agree

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@AdamDyer Based on? The resolution is for before 2031 - you don’t think that some 7 or 8 years out is a little early to call it? Not to mention he’s still pending trial now

Is Memestiny even still active?

@Joshua Distantly. I'm finishing my degree, so my time has been limited. Will hopefully start checking in more frequently soon

Interesting! Cool to finally see movement on this market.

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@Tumbles there's some really spicy stuff in that

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out of all people

Andrew tate

is the man?

what does it mean to

take the red pill?

leave the matrix?

strong men

make strong times

cant let liberal snowflakes pronoun

pronoun ce masculinity dead

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@conradgetty As Michael Jordan once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." I think we (the NO gang) have got the teamwork part down.

Now we just need to focus on the "talent and intelligence" side of things.

@Gen Shame for the Tate brothers they are entirely lacking in talent or intelligence. Bro-ing out on YouTube for the meatheads and douchebags is the antithesis of talent and intelligence my dude.

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@BTE damn, so radical for no reason

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@Ankalagonchik Sorry to hurt your gigafeelings.

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i can’t wait to get my payout in 2036

How long do they need to review some YouTube clips? According to the comments here that’s sufficient evidence

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@Gen yeah

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