Will the record for the biggest televised poker pot be broken in 2023?
resolved Jan 1
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@TobiasSowaaed If you bet in smaller intervals the bots will automatically counter your bets in almost all cases and you will get a better return.

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The record has already been broken in 2023 so the bet should be resolved as “yes”?

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@TobiasSowaaed if you are referring to the hand linked in the description, no. The question is whether the record will be broken again in 2023. If you're referring to a different hand, please link it.

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@jameso When does it say broken again?

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@TobiasSowaaed it doesn't say it explicitly, but it is the only interpretation that makes sense.

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@TobiasSowaaed The bet is if the record for the biggest pot will be broken in 2023 and it has already been broken so it must resolve at yes?

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@TobiasSowaaed that's not how this site works. You can't make someone resolve a question in a certain way based on a technicality. The question will resolve like I said it will, because that's clearly what the OP wanted the question to be about.

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@jameso Well I will argue that the title is very misleading then. Based on that the most fair thing to do is to resolve in N/A as it states in the guidelines? I have 60% networth on this😅

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@jameso summed it up perfectly

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@AntonMakiievskyi Is it possible to resolve at N/A?

@TobiasSowaaed Did you not read the description before betting?

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@Mqrius I did but the title states it what I thought it was in my favour. I’m a pro poker player and I know for a fact the probability of the bet is 0% based on the operator. So I sold 100% on yes and changed it to 0%. Ty to misleading bets…

@TobiasSowaaed This happens a lot though. Title and description and comments matter, and in case of ambiguity or conflict or undefined edge cases you pretty much have to ask a clarifying comment before betting everything.

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@Mqrius I have learned that I have to know the intention of the operator before betting. Otherwise I will get screwed over like this bet we’re the operator don’t know how to spell a bet

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@TobiasSowaaed it's like poker... use good bankroll management and it won't be a big deal

@TobiasSowaaed Yeah that sounds about right.