Will Trump be photographed holding a gun before election day?
Nov 6

We’re in an election year, and while Trump probably isn’t struggling with the gun enthusiasts, he does love a photo op. Will Trump be pictured holding a gun in 2024 (photo must be taken after this post was live)?

Resolves NO on election day, if no proof is submitted prior.

Things that will count:

Things that will NOT count:

  • Photos taken without clear authorship [the photo should be (re)posted by a notable source - major paper, Trump himself, news source…etc, or widely confirmed as being true].

  • Anything generated by AI.

  • This photo, if it were taken this year - he’s not holding the gun.

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Trump has never shot a gun in his life, and I bet he personally doesn’t even care about gun rights. He will never pick up a modern gun just for risk of seeming out of touch with his base. Best to keep them believing that he loves guns as much as they do.

Who eddicting of w f major public figurr is a discusstion thread header?

@Unown what?

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