Will the character of Ahsoka Tano appear on TV/in a movie in 2024?

Ahsoka Tano, will she appear in any new content in 2024?

According to IGN (on Jan 4th, 2024), we may see the following Star Wars TV content this year (below). Will the character of Ahsoka appear in any of them?

This appearance must be in something produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. with a release date of 2024. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short, animated cameo, theatrical movie…etc. if it features Ahsoka and credits someone playing the character in the credits, this will resolve YES. It doesn’t matter if it’s archival footage or new.

2024 announced productions:

  • Star Wars Skeleton Crew TV Series (2024)

  • Star Wars: The Acolyte TV Series (2024)

  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 (2024)

  • Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (2024)

  • Star Wars: Andor Season 2 (2025/Possibly 2024)

  • Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie (In Development)

  • James Mangold's Dawn of the Jedi Movie (In Development)

  • Dave Filoni's Mando-Verse New Republic Movie (In Development)

  • Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's New Jedi Order Movie (In Development)

And are very unlikely to see the following content:

  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Movie (Status Unknown)

  • The Mandalorian: Season 4 / The Book of Boba Fett: Season 2 (Status Unknown)

  • Star Wars: Lando Movie (Status Unknown)

  • Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic TV Series (Presumed Canceled)

  • Untitled J.D. Dillard/Matt Owens Movie (Presumed Canceled)

  • Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy (Presumed Canceled)

  • Kevin Feige's Star Wars Movie (Canceled)

  • David Benioff & DB Weiss' Star Wars Movies (Canceled)

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The first batch of Tales of the Jedi featured Ahsoka prominently.

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