Now that she’s on the Forbes Billionaire’s List, will Taylor Swift do ridiculous things with her money by the end of 2025?

I’m definitely “Billionaire shit” as something that clearly demonstrates that she’s got an unlimited amount of money, and seems reckless or otherwise foolish and regrettable to do. If it feels like a Bond villain would do it, it may be “Billionaire shit”.

I won’t bet here, as there’s a chance that this Resolves to a percent, if for example she buys another two planes: I may Resolve this to 10%, as this feels more Multi-Millionaire-y to me.

A non-exhaustive list of things that I would count as a full YES:

  • Buying a zoo filled with exotic animals.

  • Creating a Taylor Swift theme park or cruise line, devoted entirely to herself (the ultimate vanity project).

  • Buying a major sport’s team [MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, British Premiere League, or similar caliber]

  • Buying a zeppelin, or mega plane (think: Howard Hughes)

  • Buying a private island (must either be famous: Epstein Island. or huge: Zuckerberg’s Hawaii compound). Or better, terraforming the island herself.

  • Run for President (or a significant or national office, like Governor)

  • Start a country or otherwise trying to achieve sovereignty

  • Start a moonshot company (Space, Green tech…etc)

  • etc.

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