Will I (@mattyb) be the 5th most active user on Manifold for the 4th consecutive month?
resolved Apr 2

Somehow, I’ve been the 5th most active Manifold user for the months of December, January and February. Surely this coincidental trend must swiftly end. Will I be the 5th most active user on Manifold in March 2024?

Activity here will graciously be pulled by @chrisjbillington (tysm for doing this!), and is based on comments and trades made across discrete 10min segments of the month.

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@chrisjbillington how’d i do?

@mattyb Seventh:

Most active
 1.              Joshua active in 1486 buckets (33.3%)
 2.              deagol active in 1470 buckets (32.9%)
 3.  ChristopherRandles active in 1373 buckets (30.8%)
 4.            strutheo active in 1331 buckets (29.8%)
 5.          Ziddletwix active in 1302 buckets (29.2%)
 6.         shankypanky active in 1162 buckets (26.0%)
 7.              mattyb active in 1077 buckets (24.1%)
 8.     SemioticRivalry active in  972 buckets (21.8%)
 9.              JamesF active in  957 buckets (21.4%)
10.        houstonEuler active in  934 buckets (20.9%)

@chrisjbillington thanks!! i’ll leave this open until league’s officially close, but there’s no way for me to fill 90 buckets in <7hrs. so, free mana i guess

@mattyb The above is the calendar month, ending midnight PDT, so slightly more than 7hrs remaining after that data. But yeah.

...would be funny if, April fools, leagues didn't end today :p

sold Ṁ2 YES

fwiw: there was a ~6 day period where i didn’t trade this month. i would be shocked if i was #5 again