Will another America contract H5N1 in 2024?
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In 2024, according to Wikipedia, 1 American (USA) has already contracted H5N1 (avian bird flu). Will another contract it this year?

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May 22, 2024 – A human case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A(H5) (“H5 bird flu”) virus infection in the United States has been identified in the state of Michigan. This is the second case associated with an ongoing multistate outbreak of A(H5N1) in dairy cows.


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@SusanneinFranceMichigan reports a human case of bird flu, the nation’s second linked to H5N1 outbreak in dairy cows

A second human case of bird flu infection linked to the current H5N1 outbreak in dairy cows has been detected, in a farm worker who had exposure to infected cows, Michigan state health authorities announced on Wednesday.”


“This is only the third human case ever of H5N1 reported in the United States. A man in Texas who worked on a dairy farm was infected there earlier in this outbreak. The country’s first case, in the spring of 2022, was in a man in Colorado who was involved in culling H5N1-infected birds in a poultry outbreak there.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a nasal swab taken from the Michigan farm worker was negative for flu. But a swab of the person’s eye was sent to the CDC, where it tested positive for H5 flu virus, though final confirmation that it’s the H5N1 subtype is pending genetic sequencing. This was the only symptom the individual had, the CDC said.

In the Texas case in late March, the only symptom reported was conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.”


“Jennifer Nuzzo, director of the Pandemic Center at Brown University’s School of Public Health, said she wished other states were looking for H5N1 cases as aggressively as Michigan is.

“If there’s any takeaway from this finding it’s that this is probably the tip of the iceberg because this is the one state that we know of that has done the most in terms of testing on farms of both cows and also monitoring workers that are on the farms where they found cattle infections,” she told STAT.”

Maybe South America?

@Predictor oh sorry. No. American = USA. Let me clarify

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