Marianne Williamson’s back in the race!! After beating Dean Phillips while out-of-the-race, Marianne consulted her most trusted advisor, the ghost of Nelson Mandela, who told her to enter the race again.

Marianne’s top performance has been in the NH primary, where Joe Biden wasn’t on the ballot, there Marianne got 4% of the vote.

Before she drops out again, will Marianne fail to earn more than 4% of the vote in a single DNC primary or caucus? Are Marianne’s best days already in the rear-view mirror?

If Marianne isn’t actually unsuspending her campaign, this will Resolve N/A. Resolves NO after the final June 8th primaries, or when Marianne resuspends her campaign again, see related market:

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@DanMan314 4.5% in Texas too

@DanMan314 oh shit, sorry

-marianne will never beat dean philips in michigan

-marianne will never unsuspend her campaign (you are here)

-marianne will never win super tuesday

-marianne will never get the nomination

-marianne will never win the presidency

-marianne will never abolish the commodity form

-the united states will never reach communism by 2050

-the dictatorship of the proletariat will never abolish the state

@TiredCliche Self help communism is inevitable. All hail Marxism-Leninism-Oprahism.

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