Will Apple launch a ChatGPT competitor before the end of 2024
Jun 19

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Closed the market while we deliberate

is it really a competitor to ChatGPT if openAI are the provider? Where do people stand on this? -- it seems to me chatGPT is being integrated, and rebranded. Not really a competitor?

I don't know enough to decide the market though, I encourage someone else to provide more info before we make a decision

They only call out to openAI for special cases that their own homemade AI can't handle well.

Why isn't it a competitor to chatgpt if they build it on top of gpt? Is duckduckgo not a competitor to bing and google?

You really need to define this a whole lot more for it to be a question/market.

Perhaps this is an N/A then

They specifically are not trying to compete with “world knowledge” AIs such as ChatGPT

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How about the recent Apple Intelligence announcement, does it count?

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They built their own models and are answering questions... Sure seems like it to me

The only question of a long-dormant account with no resolution criteria... Hrm.

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We can get a mod to resolve it

Not with zero resolution criteria. This is a recipe for a shit show.

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Apple Insider: "Apple may not release its own generative chatbot in iOS 18". They rated this as "Possible," so I'm using the inverse of this market to loosely track that article on the  Apple Insider Rumor Scores dashboard