Nintendo Switch 2 will feature 4K support using DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology provided by Nvidia.
Dec 31

This is about the next generation Nintendo console. It maybe be called "Switch 2" or whatever. Close date might be extended.

Resolves YES if the title statement is true. It does not literally need to be called "DLSS".

Resolves NO if it doesn't support 4k or has no Nvidia parts in there or does not super-sample for 4K.

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Seems like a no-brainer.

All modern Nvidia GPUs do DLSS.

Switch 2 will use Nvidia.

Both other consoles use AMD, and use an AMD equivalent of DLSS.

The Switch has all but perfected the form factor, so presumably the Switch 2 will primarily compete on specs.

The only big revolution I can see in the gaming market is AI. But if the Switch has the specs and appetite for AI, then it’ll have the specs and appetite for DLSS.

@Guess I think using DLSS makes sense, but I don't think Switch 2 will support 4K. The portable screen won't be 4K, so it would only matter when docked and I think it makes more sense to just upscale to 1440p and reach 60 FPS. It would still be a large improvement from Switch 1, especially for games like Breath of the Wild which run at 720p and 30 FPS (at best).

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