Solution for the Fermi Paradox?
The nature of intelligent life is to destroy itself
Natural disasters destroy intelligent life
Intelligent life is evolutionarily extremely rare
Other intelligent life is too different to recognize
Intelligent life is not evolutionarily rare, but we're the first ones here
Other intelligent life is hiding / communication is dangerous
Intelligent life inevitably loses interest in outside contact

Resolves when a solution to the Fermi Paradox is widely agreed upon in the scientific community in response to empirical evidence.

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If they don’t find a way to overcome the speed of light I couldn’t imagine a way for them to build an interstellar civilization

I suspect intelligent life starts traversing space only as solar-powered mind uploads that are hard to detect. Is that self-destruction?

hard steps:
1. getting a planet which is sufficiently massive to retain hydrogen for billions of years, but has a thin enough atmosphere for photosynthesis (we lucked out with the Theia impact shedding most of Earth's early atmosphere), and orbits at a reasonable distance from a stable star.
2. abiogenesis
3. eukaryotes
4. multicellularity
5. evolving enough intelligence to invent radio and build big transmitters before contraception/welfare/medicine induced dysgenics or nukes destroy that capability.

We are living in a simulation; intelligent life is evolutionary common, but not in here.

1st option but also interstellar travel is much more difficult than the "Fermi" paradox scenario expects.